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To Deliver the Benefits of Odyssey of the Mind to Students and The World.

The program provides students with experiences that enhance their skills in creativity, teamwork, problem solving, hands-on construction, confidence, self-reliance, and appreciation of diversity. These are skills that are valuable to the participants, their future employers, and to the community.

As a Coach, Judge or Volunteer, you are responsible for the existence and quality of what Odyssey offers. Each team of five to seven students in Ootm creates a requirement for at least one Coach, one Judge, and one Volunteer to make the program possible.

To Gain Training and Experience in Teamwork, Leadership, and Creativity for Yourself.

Coaches have a unique opportunity to assist in the formation and training of a team. Just as the team learns about teamwork hands-on, through successes and mistakes, the Coach learns by observation and by working with the team on the teamwork and creativity process. Unlike other programs, the Coach leads by questioning and support, rather than by directing. Coaches receive training in our problems and the coaching process.

Judges also have unique opportunities to observe and evaluate the variety of ways in which a team can be successful. It is instructive to observe the creativity of solutions to the same problem and the successful interactions of team members. Both coaches and judges gain an appreciation of the high level of resources available in a team of five to seven people. Judges receive training in our problems and the judging process.

Are you a High School student looking for Volunteer Hours? We're the choice for you!

Why Coach, Judge or Volunteer