• PLEASE treat our host school with respect.  
  • Pick up all trash and recycle where possible.  
  • Help others by holding doors or clearing a path in the hallways, not by making suggestions about props or performances.  
  • Cheer for everyone.  
  • Be patient.  
  • Tournament day is a real life spontaneous!

​Things to do at the Tournament

Besides your last minute preps and practicing your Long Term Solutions there are a few things to do on Tournament Day.  You can view others' performances, visit the souvenir booth, jam over at Spontaneous, and have fun at Omer Fest!

Sales and Food

Tournament day will feature Odyssey Of The Mind merchandise for sale, such as tee-shirts, pins, sweatshirts, bags, toys, lanyards, charms, hats, and many other items. Tee-shirts and other merchandise include Odyssey of the Mind logos from Creative Competitions (CCI), Florida Odyssey of the Mind Association, and Gulf Coast Region will be available. All major credit cards, as well as cash and checks will be accepted as payment.

We will also be selling food. Some breakfast snacks will be sold in the morning. Items include donuts, coffee, assorted juices, chocolate milk, water, etc. Lunch will feature an array of choices: hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizza.  Check back for a menu of prices!

Location, Location, Location!

On Tournament day this is key for your team.  "Where are we going to set up our base camp?" "Where can we take our props?" These are just a few of the questions that team members and parents will have. Coaches have been given some information to share with teams, but families need to ask these questions ahead of time so that everyone knows the answers.

SITE MAP  - Click and print and share!

Tournament Day

​Location is at Cypress Creek Middle/High School.  There are several parking lots.  One is for judges, one is for big vehicles or those pulling trailers, and one is just for teams and their guests.  EVERY VEHICLE MUST BE PARKED IN A SPACE.  NO PARKING IS ALLOWED ALONG CURBS OR ROADSIDE. Props can be offloaded in front of the school, next to the cafeteria or gym, or along the back of the school, but no parking along the curb or road.  PLEASE PARK SMART and KINDLY.  Traffic flow is COUNTER CLOCKWISE.  Please be patient.

Tournament Day ( What to Expect!)

The schedules listed here are up to date as of 2/18/2020. Those picked up at the Coaches Who Care meetings are not 100% accurate.