1. Coordinators' Slide Show: the one Freda shared at the virtual meetings.
  2. Coordinators' Directions: an explanation of all the forms plus information on payments, what's new this year, etc.
  3. Coordinators' List: a simple list of the 14 tasks that coordinators are expected to complete.
  4. List of Important Dates: give to all coaches
  5. Team Registration Form: All the info requested on this form will be useful in registering teams at the national site; optional usage
  6. Worker Registration Form: All teams must register one worker for day of tournament.  This form asks for the information that is required by the online registration system.  Make sure the worker gets page 2.
  7. Judge Registration Form: All teams must register one ADULT judge to REPRESENT their team.  Judges do NOT see the team they are representing. Judges are committing to 1 training session and 1 full day of judging.  Make sure the judge gets page 2 of the form.
  8. Gulf Coast Regional Membership Form: ONLY coordinators complete this form and only when they know all coaches, judges, and workers are approved volunteers.  This is REQUIRED for all memberships, even non-public school memberships.
  9. District Required Form: This form is REQUIRED for all PASCO PUBLIC SCHOOL memberships.  Each team member must complete one and the set of forms for the team must be submitted to Freda no later than Jan. 15.
  10. Regional T-Shirt Order Form: one order per membership using membership funds; optional -  a separate link will be available soon to order and pay online.
  11. Scholarship Application: all high school seniors who've been team members in Odyssey for three years (2 in Gulf Coast) can apply.
  12. Beginning Coach Training Flyer: - give to all new coaches; they register using the link on home page.
  13. Spontaneous Workshop Flyer - give to ALL coaches; they register using the link on the home page.
  14. Banner Information - Coordinators make sure your teams have a banner for the Regional Tournament Awards Ceremony - just one!

 2023-24 Information