12 Helpful Tips for Coordinators

Here are some things that are very helpful and will make your job as coordinator run very smoothly:

  1. Touch base with your coaches frequently, particularly with first-time coaches who may be less secure. It is important to head off small problems before they become big ones and to know how teams are progressing.  Make sure each of them has a copy of the current Program Guide.

  2. Keep school administrators apprised of the progress your teams are making. Invite them to rehearsals and invite them to be mock spontaneous tournament judges. The more involved they become, the more supportive of Odyssey of the Mind they will be.

  3. Register your teams at the state website by the deadline.  This will include registration fees, registering judges and workers, and listing all coaches and participants.

  4. Let teachers know which of their students are participating in Odyssey. Students are always happy to be asked about their progress. Invite teachers to the Regional Tournament and supply them with maps and tournament schedules.

  5. Help your teams find judges! It is often easier to have one person contact the school or local organizations to determine if teachers or other community volunteers would like to serve as judges.

  6. Remind your coaches that they will need to reserve a room at their school in advance if they would like to schedule a dress rehearsal there.

  7. Make a point of reminding parents how much time the coaches are generously giving to their children.

  8. With the coaches, see that all team members receive some sort of recognition of their participation in your membership’s Odyssey of the Mind program (e.g., a certificate).

  9. Regardless of the outcome of the competitions, list in the school newsletter or local newspaper the names of ALL students who participated in Odyssey of the Mind and competed at the Regional Tournament.

  10. Remind teams to send thank you notes to anyone whose assistance you valued, especially judges.

  11. Make sure your teams know who has the membership banner for the Parade of Champions at the award ceremony.

  12. Last, but most definitely not least, remind EVERYONE (coaches, judges, parents, and yourself) that fun and learning, not winning trophies, are at the heart of the Odyssey of the Mind experience.

Synopsis of 2013-2014 problems 

Current Program Guide (directly from www.odysseyofthemind.com 
This guide contains the rules that apply to ALL problems. Be very familiar with it! 

The following forms are all found in the appendix of the Program Guide: 
Style Form 
Material Values Form 
Outside Assistance Form 

The following forms should be completed (carefully and legibly please) and sent to Freda Abercrombie at T. E. Weightman MS as soon as possible:

Regional Membership Registration form

Scholarship Application form (Applicants can send this form individually.)

(Make sure the coach also put the order on this website, on the Coaches page. Send one check made payable to FLOMA per membership.)

Coordinators should obtain from coaches and KEEP:

These are PDF Forms.  You can use the Word Doc Forms if you want to fill it out on your computer.

Team Registration PDF form (Word Doc Here)

Judge Registration PDF form (Word Doc Here)

(Some coordinators find the judges for the teams.)

Worker Registration PDF Form (Word Doc Here)