Welcome Coordinators & Thank YOU!

On this page, you'll find copies of paperwork that you need to make sure your teams are properly registered and informed.  You'll also find handy links to the state and national sites. The "Coordinator Letter" has plenty of detail about registration, requirements, and due dates, so be sure to read it thoroughly.  As always, contact Freda if you need her.


         Coordinators Give to Coaches, then Keep: Team, Worker, and Judge Registration forms

Give to Coaches and they keep or send to Regional Director (Freda):
> District Required Parent
> Permission Form,
​> Spontaneous Workshop form,
> Important Dates, > Training flyers
Send to National: National Membership form (if NOT Pasco Public School)
Send to the Regional Director (Freda): >National Membership Application (send by October 5 if Pasco Public School) >Regional Membership Registration form, >Regional T-shirt Order forms with one school check, and     >Scholarship forms