DISTRICT REQUIRED FORM - All Pasco County public school teams must turn in one of these forms PER TEAM MEMBER.  Forms are due by February 20.  Forms are submitted in ONE TEAM GROUP via email, courier, mail, or text image to Regional Director.


  • Pretournament Coach Meetings
  • Team Contract (one per team)
  • ​Media Release Form (one per coach and team member)
  • Schedule of the Day
  • Location of Events
  • See the UCF Map on our Maps Page (under dates)
  • Registration Information
  • What Freda Said at that Meeting

There are certain expectations for coaches, students and parents participating in the Odyssey of the Mind program. Make sure everyone knows by holding a team meeting and asking all participants to sign an agreement.  Several choices are listed below. 


  • Power point of info from Coach's Meeting
  • Part of the handout from that meeting
  • Letter to inform team where to meet: Division 1 or Division 2/3
  • See tournament page for schedules and site maps
  • ​Make sure your team has their REQUIRED LIST.  Go to the national website ( and click on the members area.  You'll need the school zip code and membership number.
  • Want to recognize your team members with a certificate?  Here it is. 

Coaching is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the Odyssey of the Mind program.

The job of coach is both intensive and rewarding. Coaches need to be available to their teams on a number of levels. Depending on individual schedules, it may be appropriate to have people share the job of coach. Some responsibilities of the coach include:

  • Meet with students to guide them in acquiring the skills needed to implement THEIR solution of the Odyssey of the Mind problem. ​

  • Provide a meeting place such as a basement, garage, patio, sun porch, etc. where the team members can work to solve the problem.

  • Attend the regional required coaches’ meeting.
    Have access to a truck or van for prop transport and delivery.

  • ​Given a specific list, shop for the team’s needed items and gather miscellaneous materials needed for the problem solution.

  • Keep receipts for any money spent. Provide snacks and encouragement.

Are you a new coach?  Be sure to attend training.  Until then, check out the information in the program guide and this document: Must KnowHandbook.pdf​

Coaches Corner

Welcome Coaches!

This is your page for Info and Forms.  If there is something that you would like to see posted here, just let usknow.